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Julia deVille’s Subaqueous Locutorium

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Welcome to our underwater parlor!

On the eve of the eighth full moon of MMXIX, down below our little alchemical laboratory in East Melbourne’s fringe, we proudly re-opened the doors to JdV's Subaqueous Locutorium. A moist place governed by an octopus and devoted to the facilitation of personalised jewellery for devout patrons such as yourself! 

Our showroom samples our most enchanting one of a kind jewels as well as a variety of our online range. It is the destiny of Julia deVille and all of us here under her ordinance, to proliferate your personal love story into amuletic palpability! So, please make an appointment with us to discuss the possibilities and we will jubilantly facilitate the production of your very own JdV original.

Or are you simply looking for a gift for a being you are particularly fond of? Perhaps you're in the mood for spoiling your kind self? You may also visit to peruse our vast collection and directly purchase one of our many showroom items.

Due to our often nocturnal schedule, we are receiving visitors to our locutorium via appointment only. You are welcome to contact us and we will arrange a date and divulge directions to our clandestine subaqueous locale. 

Fear not, my most apprehensive guest, diving suit and breathing gas will of course be provided and our loyal Locutorium agents are here to help ease underwater aversion during your visit.

Everything (or should I say everyone) will be taken care of to make your experience as agreeable as possible; some of us are quite shy here in our little factory but we will be appropriately tranquilised, so as not to startle so easily upon eye contact or human touch. Others here (namely the ones involved in the production of our black diamonds) can be quite terrifying and ferocious. Alas, they will receive extra sedation to ensure your security and enjoyment.

SHOWROOM HOURS (appointment only)
Tuesday & Wednesday 11am - 4pm

You may view more images of our Showroom here


Yours in subaqueous sincerity,

Scout Jean-Baptisté

Familiar, council and diving companion to Julia deVille